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Craps Odds Bet

The rules change slightly depending on the casino, but the likely value of most bets is slightly negative. With the exception of craps odds bet, all craps wagers have a negative result. However, the challenge to the odds bet can not be done separately so the likely outcome of the bet of the whole remains negative. There is no winning strategy that lasts possible because there is no connection between the rolls of the dice. While blackjack players can get a slight mathematical advantage on hold gaming sessions by diligent study, there is really similar strategy in craps.

Craps Odds Bet

Sometimes, players go on a winning streak, these players are “on a roll,” as they say. Players who increase their total wagers can win big quickly. Moreover, the money may run out as quickly as it is not mathematically possible for a “hot line” that holds for any given period. To remedy this, players  maximize the craps odds bet which have zero house edge. Unlocking its craps odds bet in combination with pass line bet and come bet will reduce your pass/come bet casino edge but will not remove the house edge completely.

Come Odds Craps Bet

Most casinos have a ceiling on how high the odds bet may be with respect to the flat bet, with single, double, and five times odds of regular. 3-4-5 odds are offered by some casinos, which refer to higher compound that can put the 4 and 10, 5, 9 and 6 and 8, respectively. When there are promotions, 100x odds bets that some especially land based Vegas casinos offer during promotional periods, a casino may even offer 100x odds bets, leaving the house edge to almost zero. If each player takes the 100x odds, the above cost will not be enough.

There are many casinos that belong to the middle market to the benefit of the game is insignificant given the limited size of the chip, and that business plan focuses on generating income from the sale of alcohol. These institutions handled gently craps in exchange for incoming guests allowing the home to offer drinks to the large amount of visitors generated by a table that wins. Low limit craps is used as a “loss leader” with similar odds to paint a clear picture of a casino game derives its income as a place for winners and makes visitors enjoy playing other games favored by the house that do not have such zero house edge bets as is craps odds bet.


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