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  1. Craps Cheating – How To Spot an Unfair Game

    March 26, 2019 by admin

    Craps can be a great way to spend your time on the casino floor. The craps odds (except to a few bets) are broadly in the casino’s favor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk away with significant winnings for your troubles. In fact, many who play craps on an ongoing basis do so because they are able to win money, through picking the right craps bets and the right timing for their game. But this is only possible when the tables are fair, and every player has always been 100% straight with their Read more [...]

  2. Craps Etiquette

    April 13, 2017 by admin

    Craps is one of the fastest pace games going down in most casinos, with some 100 decisions every hour the approximate expectation of most casino operators. This means that players have to be sure of what they want to play and how they want to bet to avoid falling foul of the expectations of the game, the house and indeed the other players around the table. While craps can be hugely entertaining, it’s crucial that you observe these fundamental etiquette points, in addition to being comfortable with Read more [...]

  3. Record-Breaking Craps Rolls

    December 5, 2016 by admin

    Craps is widely enjoyed by gamblers across the world, and has a long and distinguished history as a casino game. With so many people playing craps regularly, there have been a number of landmark outcomes - from longest continuous rolls through to big winners, and even big cheats. Here is our run-down of some of the most notable craps games and players in history at land based casinos. Longest Rolls On May 23rd 2009, an inexperienced craps player walked into The Borgata casino in Atlantic City to Read more [...]

  4. How To Shoot Craps In A Casino

    October 27, 2016 by admin

    How to Shoot Craps Dice Craps is arguably one of the most recognizable casino games. The image of groups of gamblers huddled around the craps table is one most people have seen, even if just in TV and film representations. But when it comes to actually putting yourself in a casino shooting craps, the picture suddenly becomes much more real. If you’re a first time craps shooter, popping in to your local casino for a few rounds, you may feel like a million miles away - a daunting experience with plenty of craps rules Read more [...]

  5. Craps Terminology and Slang

    January 8, 2016 by admin

    One of the more instantly recognizable casino games, craps has had a long and distinguished history. The iconic craps dice are often accompanied by reference to strange craps slang, terminology and other unusual jargon when portrayed in film and television, which helps build a specific air of mystery around the game and those that play it. In actuality, while these terms are used extensively in craps circles, they become much easier to digest as you play and your understanding of the game increases. Read more [...]

  6. Street Craps Rules

    September 8, 2012 by admin

    The Street Craps, sometimes called Shooting Dice or Ghetto Craps is similar to casino craps but is played without a craps table. The name comes from the way that the game was played in the late 1900’s; on city streets and sidewalks. A pair of dice is used in the game and the players make wagers on the outcome of rolling the dice. In street craps wagers are made against money that players put up against each other. Street Craps Rules Players must first identify the player who will be shooting Read more [...]

  7. Craps History

    January 29, 2012 by admin

    Gambling with dice have been with us since the dawn of civilization. The materials used to sculpt the earliest dice were probably shaped from animal bone or pieces of wood like ebony and oak. However, we know that for more than two thousand years Roman soldiers in a similar game that consisted of throwing bones of pig knuckles onto their shields, which was baptized with the name of “bones”. But determining precisely how and when it originated the game of craps as well as the roots of his Read more [...]

  8. Craps Game Live & Online

    January 29, 2012 by admin

    The craps game appeared in the 19th Century. First it was only played by slaves who lived on the banks of the Mississippi, but with time it became one of the most popular games. There are 2 kinds of this game – Craps with a bank and open. Craps game rules were invented by John Winn in 1907. This man was the first banker in craps. Craps is played all over the world but it is most popular in USA at the moment. Nowadays,  4 types of craps are known. Like many games with dice craps can be played Read more [...]