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Record-Breaking Craps Rolls

Craps is widely enjoyed by gamblers across the world, and has a long and distinguished history as a casino game. With so many people playing craps regularly, there have been a number of landmark outcomes – from longest continuous rolls through to big winners, and even big cheats. Here is our run-down of some of the most notable craps games and players in history at land based casinos.

Longest Rolls

Longest Craps Roll - Patricia DemauroOn May 23rd 2009, an inexperienced craps player walked into The Borgata casino in Atlantic City to play slots. Patricia Demauro, from Denville, NJ  would go on to break at 20 year record for the longest craps roll in history after her friend offered to show her how to play craps. She hung on for some 4 hours and 18 minutes, breaking the previous record of just over 3 hours. During this time, she retained control of the dice and won an undisclosed amount from her original $100 bet. After 154 rolls, she eventually hit a losing 7, ending her incredible streak and passing the buck on to the next craps player, in front of crowds of onlookers who had gathered round the table to witness history being made.

The odds of any player holding on for this length of time are microscopic (less than one in 1 trillion), and some have compared the feat to achieving baseball’s perfect game. Of course, in baseball, that’s way more common. Most players who hang on for a while are doing incredibly well to even approach one hour of play, so Demauro’s feat looks like it could take some time to beat.

Her extra-long game overtook the record set by Honolulu born Stanley Fujitake, who played for 3 hours and 6 minutes in a California Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas in 1986. Casino lost more than $1 million during his 118 consecutive rolls.

Biggest craps winners

Big Craps Win - Archie KarasArchie Karas – famous as one of the highest rolling gamblers of all time, Greece born Archie Karas once held every $5k chip in Binions – no mean feat, given the sheer size of the casino. From 1992-1995, Karas won $40 million from his gambling, having built up his pot on the poker tables before switching to high stakes craps. In 1995, he sustained around $30 million in losses, virtually wiping out his fortune and destroying the success he had built during his 3 year hot spell. He currently lives in Las Vegas. In 2013 he was arrested after being caught marking cards at a casino in San Diego and was sentenced to three years probation.

William Lee Bergstrom – back in the 80s, Bergstrom walked into a Vegas casino to place a few massive, single craps bets. He started with a $770,000 Don’t Pass bet, which he won, and returned to place separate winning bets of $590,000, $190,000 and $90,000 – all of which turned up for him and won substantial sums at the expense of the casino. With the turn of 1984, he returned to place his biggest ever craps bet – $1,000,000 on the roll of the dice, a Don’t Pass bet again. Unfortunately, Bergstrom’s luck had run out, and the loss might have been a significant factor in his ultimate suicide some 3 months laters.

Biggest craps cheats

Best Craps Dice Control - Dominic LoRiggioDominic Loriggio – not really a cheat in our eyes – a master of the dice, Loriggio took a disciplined approach to dice control, often practicing for several hours a day to improve his craps techniques. His method of controlling dice is, according to him, a matter of simple physics, and one he chose to successfully deploy for years before being caught. While some suggest that controlling one die, let alone two, is a physical impossibility, Loriggio had developed his shooting strategy to become one of the most effective craps players ever.

The Bellagio Four – two high rollers at the Bellagio, coupled with at least one insider, could have conducted a huge scam in relieving the casino of millions of dollars worth of craps winnings. Through using a combination of scam bets and favourable dealers, the syndicate was able to defy virtually impossible odds in the order of hundreds of billions to one to walk away in profit. Allegedly occurring over the period 2012-2014, the case remains open, and the Bellagio are working with authorities to attempt to bring the case to a favourable conclusion.

Online Craps Wins

Unfortunately there are no documented long craps rolls or big wins by online casino players. Feel free to share your stories when playing craps online in comments. It’s also impossible to apply any dice control technique when playing craps online. But you can use basic craps strategy to increase your winnings.


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