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How To Shoot Craps In A Casino

Shoot Craps DiceCraps is arguably one of the most recognizable casino games. The image of groups of gamblers huddled around the craps table is one most people have seen, even if just in TV and film representations. But when it comes to actually putting yourself in a casino shooting craps, the picture suddenly becomes much more real.

If you’re a first time craps shooter, popping in to your local casino for a few rounds, you may feel like a million miles away – a daunting experience with plenty of craps rules and expectations to get your head around. However, provided you have a solid understanding of how the game works and the types of decision you’ll have to make along the way, it can be a rewarding, exciting way to spend your gambling time.

How Craps Works

You play craps with dice – you knew that bit already. Players make bets  and see the outcome of their bets based on the total value of the numbers rolled on each shoot. Players take it in rounds to place their bets, and bets stand until they win, lose or are withdrawn. There are countless different types of craps bets you can play, depending on the numbers you think will come up. Betting happens through the dealer who runs the table, and he or she will also keep you in check when it comes to betting and the flow of the game – when you’re ready to place your bet, you can call it and position your chips in the relevant area of the table accordingly.

Craps DealerDifferent types of bets produce different odds and rates of return, and depending on your risk appetite, you can choose higher or lower payoffs. It also depends on how is the dice shooter doing if the table is hot or cold. These bets are indicated on the table, and you will see more experienced players knowingly shuffling their chips in the direction of the bets they favor.

The good thing with craps is that your odds are fixed at the same rate with every roll, on hot tables and cold tables, at any time of the day or night. Provided you can follow the right craps strategy, and that you understand exactly which odds and which numbers to play, you can quickly turn the game to your best advantage.

How Many Players

craps-shooterCraps is unusual game because there is no upper limit to the number of people that can play on a table at any one time. Similarly, the minimum number of players needed to run a game is one. If you’re walking through the casino and you spot an empty craps table with a dealer, feel free to head over and start playing. If you find a table that is overrun by players, the only limitation is whether or not you can find a space – if you can squeeze onto a table without annoying any other players too much, you’ll be welcome to play.

It doesn’t matter if one player is winning or ten players are winning – the chances of the outcome for you are the same. Every individual player plays against the house, so it’s not as if you’re competing with other players at the table.

How To Shoot The Craps Dice

When you’re shooting the craps dice personally, you want to avoid throwing the dice too hard. Craps is a mathematical game that is based on random probabilities and chance – for as long as the game is entirely random, the casino will always win against you over time. But when you are shooting, it is in your interests to keep random bounces and spins of the dice to a minimum. For this reason, serious players choose to ‘set’ the dice before they roll, and strive to find a soft shooting consistency that levels out the totally random element of the game.

If you shoot the dice as hard as you can, having given them a good, ‘lucky’ shake first, you’re almost guaranteed to lose money over time. If instead you develop a consistent approach to hitting the back wall without the dice rolling all over the place, you can start to identify patterns in your rolls that can sway the odds in your favor.

How to Shoot Craps Dice

When it comes to establishing the best way how to shoot the craps dice, that’s when probability numbers become even more of an issue for the successful craps player. If you’re serious about learning the ins and outs of the game, working on your technique and your understanding of the numbers is the most effective strategy.

However learning and mastering such a dice control is extremely hard. Remember that when you employ simple betting strategy which is really easy to learn, it will help you increase odds and chances of winning with much less effort.

Making Money From Your Craps Play

Craps is an education all of its own, and the more you play, the more you will learn. You need to develop a firm understanding and a working knowledge of different bets and probabilities if you can, to wrestle back the odds in your favour. Free craps online provides excellent option how you can master all these aspects of craps without any risk. While ultimately your fortunes still stand on the outcome of the next roll of the dice, it is possible to be more strategic in your approach to increase chances of winning while shooting craps.


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