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Craps Come Bet Strategy

The big stage in the middle of the craps board game area with the highly visible lettering, “COME” will certainly catch your eye. Be sure to read the comments to “pass” bet in our craps rules section as well as at previous point in that section before studying this craps come bet strategy. If you bet everything on the “passport” you  know you’ll not have any problems with the simple ‘COME’ bet. The best way to describe the craps COME bet as a “pass” bet, but which could be made after the point has been established. There is no “Come” bet the first roll, because that would be exactly the same as a “pass” bet.

Craps Come Bet

Let’s say you make a “Come” bet and the point was set to 5. They would then place your “Come” wager in the “Come” area and wait for the next throw. Failure to reach a 7 or 11, you win (and the shooter looses), and at a craps roll, you lose (2, 3 or 12). Is it any other number, then this becomes your “come-point”. Their “come-point” is reached before a 7 you win. So a 9 is rolled, the stickman pushes your “Come” bet on the field at the 9th Now if the shooter rolls a 9 before a 7, you win, but will achieve a 7 before 9, you lose. Remember that when you “Come” bets also have the opportunity to share as a “pass” bet, a profit opportunity to use after your come-point was determined.

Also make sure to take advantage of come odds bet once point is established. Craps odds bets feature zero house edge and present excellent craps strategy how to increase your winnings.


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