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Craps Strategy

Craps StrategyLike most other casino games, Craps is a game of probability and best craps strategy is important if you want to have a bigger chance of winning. There are some craps bets that will give you a higher chance of winning, whereas there are others that you should stay away from.

But before we get into craps strategies, make sure you know the probability (or chance) or rolling out each number. Below is a table that shows you the number of ways to get each number. Keep in mind that you play craps with 2 dice.

Number Rolled 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number of Ways to Roll 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 5 4 3 2 1


Ok, now that you know the number of ways each number can be rolled, let’s look at some of the bets. The following bets keep the house edge at its lowest and present the optimal craps strategy. Keep in mind that house edge can never be eliminated completely, they can only be minimized.

Pass line Bet

This is the most basic and simple bet.

7,11 on the first roll, makes you a winner immediately. From the table, you can see that there are 8 total ways to get a 7 or 11.

2,3,12- You lose. There are 4 ways to get these numbers.

Thus, this tells you that you have a higher chance of rolling out a 7 or 11 than 2, 3, or 12 on your coming out roll.

Odds Bet

Once you establish a point for the pass line bet, you can make an additional bet called “odds bet”. This is placed behind the “pass line bet”. You can get odds as high as 5-100x at some casinos (there are bigger odds in live casinos).  Another great point with this bet is that there is no casino advantage. This bet is paid with true odds what makes this odds essential to betting craps strategies.  Also, suppose you make a pass line bet of $10, craps odds bet allows you to double it. This way you can bet up to $20 in this case.

Craps Betting Systems

Now, let’s talk about some craps betting strategies and systems, that are guaranteed to work, but they don’t!

All they do is provide you with a false sense of hope and confidence. Most of these systems don’t work because of “gambler’s fallacy”. This is when a person thinks that because an event has not taken place yet, it will increase its likelihood of happening in the future.

Martingale System

Let’s start with the most popular Martingale System. This system promises a win to any player. It is based on the “gambler’s fallacy” doctrine. This system advises the player to double his bets in every round he loses. It tells you to start with a smaller bet, this way you will be able to double your bets when you lose. According to this system, you will eventually win. When you win, you will make up all the loses. This system is very popular with the Pass Line Bet.

The main problem with this bet is that, if you keep doubling your money with each losing round, you will eventually lose all you money. In reality, your past bet cannot predict your future bet. Each of your roll is an independent event. Just because you lost on your last role does not guarantee you a win on the next roll. This is because your next role is not linked to your previous roll.

Iron Cross System

Next is the Iron Cross System. This is another popular craps strategy.  With this system, you are expected to win on every number except 7. The problem with this system is that it combines two types of bets which has the highest house edge: field bet and place bet.

This system has an house edge of 3.87%.

Best Craps Strategies

Thus, as you can see from all of this, pass line bet  and odds craps strategy is the best craps strategy you can use in craps, actually the second best as don’t pass and don’t come odds strategy has slightly lower casino edge.  Knowing this and some other basic bets can give you higher chances of winning. Always choose bets that keep the house edge lower.

A great way to practice the different strategies is by playing online craps for free. This website offers one too. So make sure you check that out! On this website, you  can also find an awesome list of different casinos with the highest odds bet. Check that out as well.

  1. Wiseone98807 says:

    You see, I don’t like playing the come bet and would rather do place bets. For me they have been much more reliable in the long run and have won me a lot more money via pressing. My strategy is to start with the pass, 6 and 8 and build the place bets to cover everything with casino money and then begin pressing up to 4/5 units per number depending on what is being rolled. When I max out what I think I can get away with I go and press other units. In addition, I play a $5 horn high yo every roll once I get my place bets pressed so that everything except a 7 is paying at a least a little, and I occasionally get really lucky and win big. My lifetime with this strategy is a few thousand up with only starting at $100-$200 bankroll. Obviously your system has the ability to pay more, but I feel like playing the come plus odds on those numbers is a much greater risk than I’m willing to take. I would rather be paid every roll or almost every roll than risk that much on a 20% chance that I hit it before crapping out.

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