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Craps Game Live & Online

craps-game-throwThe craps game appeared in the 19th Century. First it was only played by slaves who lived on the banks of the Mississippi, but with time it became one of the most popular games. There are 2 kinds of this game – Craps with a bank and open. Craps game rules were invented by John Winn in 1907. This man was the first banker in craps.

Craps is played all over the world but it is most popular in USA at the moment. Nowadays,  4 types of craps are known. Like many games with dice craps can be played by unlimited number (as far as they can fit at the table) of people. As the game accessory 2 dice are needed. For the players, a banker is chosen, must throw the dice. The unusual combination of the throw is called crap.

If for some reason in the first throw of 7 or 11 bankers, it is a gain. This situation is called a passport. If 2,3 or 12 fail, then it is a loss. This situation is called Miss Out. If the numbers whose sum is 4,5,6,8,9,10 points fail, so they are called elements of the bankers or points.

Despite Missout or point the banker can throw dice, until some point again fails. Suppose that are down 4,6,5 and 4. This is a passport benefit. But if 7 turns out, it is a Missout loss. In this case, dice pass to the player who is on the right of the banker.

Even after the pass must pass the banker, the other player dice, throw of the dice by the same rules.

Craps game rules are simple, be fast to keep in mind the players, but use of the system is quite categorical: there is either a profit or loss. But nearly every player is able to recover.

For the craps table, the craps game has a special marker. Using this marker, the players can make bets.


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